KJ Masters
Wife / Author / Speaker / Blogger / Follower of Christ
A true story of how Karyn Masters, as a young Christian girl, was deceived into a life of demonic oppression, occult practices and witchcraft. Growing up in what her family thought was a “haunted house,” she became curious about these “ghosts,” and submerged herself into witchcraft, searching for answers. Because of her quest for more knowledge, she started practicing the occult from a very young age. Though she had a close relationship with the Lord and attended a Christian school, she was still able to fall into occult practices while allowing herself to be lured by Satan, never knowing it was even possible. Deceived into believing she had a special gift from God that allowed her to communicate with the “other side,” Karyn brings into light the “Christian Witch” who practices the occult, while professing Christianity. Karyn eventually discovered her battle did not lie within herself and her mind, but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6:12). This is her story of spiritual warfare and how she conquered her demons. She explains what spiritual warfare is and shows you how to win the battle over your demons, and how to shut doorways you may not even know exist. This is a must read for all believers!



"God, Fix It!"   (November)
"Arion & Azura: The Adventure of the Jynx Stone"    (December)